Here In help, you can solve all your questions about the copyright of any of our 3d designs.
If you think we infringe any right of your property, the first thing you have to do is …

1- gather all the evidence you have to verify that you have the right to said file.
2- Create a ticket with the subject (copyright) and send your documents along with the link to the product of our store that you want to remove.
3-after receiving the request, immediately the product will no longer be visible to the public. but it will still be available for accounts that already bought the file later.
4-Our team of will work on the investigation of the documents sent. This may take 3 to 29 business days, depending on the case.
5-in case the request is effective, the file will be completely removed from the platform, and the download will no longer be available. A copy of the available source files will be sent to you and the files will be removed from our database.

Note: files that do not meet the requirements will not be removed or deleted. works with 100% original source files
If you request a verification of the accuracy of our files, we will send you the necessary evidence.